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IIT Madras Slang

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IIT Madras



[Change this ] IIT Madras is located in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. It was established in 1959 with technical assistance from the Government of West Germany[5] and has nearly 360 faculty and approximately 2,500 undergraduate and 2,000 postgraduate students. The campus is spread over an area of about 2.5 km² (620 acres), and has 15 academic departments, nearly 100 laboratories, and 14 hostels. As with IIT Bombay, it retains its original name despite a change in the name of its city [Change This ]







And here's the lingo -


Bog /bog/ n. toilet, rest-room


Cup /kup/ v. to fail at something. cup-level /kup-le-well/ adj. pathetic (also cuppax)


Funda /fun-da/ pl. fundaes /fun-days/ n. something that explains. hi-funda /high-fun-da/ adj. brilliant


Gult /gult/ n. a person whose native language is Telugu. gulted /gult-ed/ adj. screwed-up (also gultax)


Hajjaar /haj-jar/ adj. denoting a great degree of. - Syn. many, much, very


Junta /jun-tha/ n. general public, including gults


Level /le-well/ adj. of a high standard. (as a suffix) similar, resembling


Maajar /maa-jrr/ adj. greater in size, amount, number, or extent


Ob /ob/ w. abbr. obviously


Pack /paek/ v. to give up, to get up and leave. pack-level /paek-le-well/ adj. cup-level


Pain /pay-n/ n. irritate, bore


Pseud /sood/ adj. cool, neat, fashionable. pseud value /sood-val-you/ n. coolness, neatness


Put /put/ v. do, read, write, sing, dance, perform a manicure, rob a bank etc. etc.


Puts (in the form ‘puts with’ /puts-vith/) v. have sexual intercourse


Shady /shay-de/ adj. suspicious, disreputable, dubious, generally bad….


Slisha /sly-sha/ adj. to a small extent, to a hajjaar extent (sarcastic usage)


Thadaal /tha-daal/ adj. amazing, too-cool, pseud, hi-funda


Warrashsht /wur-ush-t/ adj. horrible, the pits, cup-level, hajjaar shady



In the Hostels


Hey, where to put piss? (Hello, where do I urinate?)


Bog? Ob, but put fundaes. (In the toilet? Obviously, but how do I get there?)


Waaarrraaashsht! (That’s the toilet????)



In Class


Class is slisha paining. (The class is very boring.)


Ob! The Prof is maajarly cuppax (Yes, you are correct. The professor is greatly pathetic.)



You get the general picture, don’t you? Now, if you have any questions or doubts regarding this beautiful language, we’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Q: What is the correct grammatical usage of ‘puts with’?


A: This is a handy phrase used to denote the act of fornication.


Eg. “Jennifer is pregnant.” “Oh good, who did she puts with?”



Q. Which of these is correct: “Ekta Kapoor is maajarly cup-level” or “Krish Srikkanth is hajjaar warrashsht”?


A: Both are. Also, alternatively, you could use “Ekta Kapoor and Krish Srikkanth are shady junta.”



Q. I majored in English and I strongly believe that the plural of ‘funda’ is ‘fundae’ and not ‘fundaes’ as you have wrongly mentioned. What do you have to say to that, mister?


A. Whoever put fundaes on English to you was ob cup-level. Now stop paining and pack.



Q. Is there any difference between “Maajar” and “hajjaar”?


A. Ob. The word ‘maajar’ can be used while dealing with military matters such as: “Maajar Ram Prasad Sharma put pseud-value by putting victory against the terrorist junta” whereas ‘hajjaar’ should be used only to describe things that are ‘hajjaar’ something.


Eg. I had hajjaar beard. So I put shave.


Source: Vinod G

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