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Slangmela - Indian lingo, slang, engineering slang, MBA slang  

                                                                                                        a 10+3i initiative



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IIT Madras


In the Hostels

Hey, where to put piss? (Hello, where do I urinate?)
Bog? Ob, but put fundaes. (In the toilet? Obviously, but how do I get there?)
Waaarrraaashsht! (That’s the toilet????)

In Class
Class is slisha paining. (The class is very boring.)
Ob! The Prof is maajarly cuppax (Yes, you are correct. The professor is greatly pathetic.)

You get the general picture, don’t you? Here's more..





 Clichéd Bollywood Dialogues


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Bambaiyya Hindi, Mumbaiyya, or Bombay Hindi (Hindi: बंबय्या हिंदी) is a vernacular form of Hindi spoken primarily in Mumbai (Bombay, formerly),India. On the streets of Mumbai, people from every part of India co-exist (See Mumbaikar). Their inter-mingling has created a language that has Hindi as a base, but includes words and pronunciations from other languages such as English, Marathi, Konkani and Gujarati. It also borrows few words from Dravidian languages (e.g. "Tambi").

An example: Abe saale dhakkan, kyon time khoti kar rahela hai? Cut to cut baat karne ka, apun ko faltu bakbak karne ka aadat nahin hai. Jo kuch kehna hai, jaldi kar aur phoot le.[Translation: Hey fool, why are you wasting my time? Speak to the point, I am not in the habit of idle chatter. Say what you want to, and scoot]

More here... 



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IT/BPO | Law | MBA - Manager |


























































































































































































































































































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