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BITS Pilani Lingo

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 BITS Pilani Lingo



Zuk:means Zero

Usage:I got a zuk in the test.


Gus:Skip,or give it up

Usage:Lets gus dinner today,it sucks

I gussed my chem lecture .


TT:Test topper




GSu:Prof G Sunder,A perfect replica of Cherian from 5 point someone.(I dont think he has a sexy daughter though)


Velle:not doin anything


UsageMain velle baitha hoon.


OASIS:college cultural fest(4 day college fest,24 hrs,lots of dhamaal)


Apogee:College tech fest(a professions oriented gathering over educational experiece)


Bosm:college sports fest(BITS open sports meet)


Connaught place:fancy name given to group of restaurents and Dukaans in some street.


Anc:all night canteen,heavily crowded during 1 am.


Nc:night canteen(mess managed)


Ec:evening canteen(")




IC:Institutional canteen






Usage:aaj ka test to sack tha.



M lawns,t lawns,p lawns etc etc :lawns in front of insti building


GymG:Gymnasium ground


mind you,these are the very popular words and nothing else,I will post a complete listing when I am velle!.

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