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Bangalore Lingo

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Bangalore Lingo  



    * Maaruva Katte - Meaning a katte (elevated space) for maarata(selling).

    * Guru - For someone who is learned.

    * Shishya/Sisya/Maga - For a friend - considering as a disciple.

    * Dabba - A empty can - for an insensible/useless person.

    * Pantar/Panta - From Pandit for someone who is a master. Also used for betters/match fixers.

    * Kachchko - (literally to bite) used to mean to linger on may be in a traffic / protect wicket in cricket (after Rahul Dravid).

    * Kalachiko/Kataysko/Apase - To fled out of the scene.

    * Kichayisu - To trigger a fight.

    * Bachaav - To save

    * Mundayisu - means to nicely shave a person of his money.

    * Konga - For a person who acts in an oblique fashion. It also means a tribe sect.

    * Saabi - A Muslim.

    * Topi haaku - To make a person wear a cap(topi) - symbolic of making him a fool.

    * Qwarteruu- A quarter of country liqour.

    * paaketuu- country liquor.

    * Area - For a controlling space of a Rowdy.

    * Punda/Pokiri/Chappar - equalling a Loafer.

    * Loose - Brain lose - A insensible person.

    * Rowdy - A Rowdy.

    * Kaage harsu - To fool

    * Karga - To show off

    * Adda haku - Place to hang out

    * Pataysu -To make girl fall in love

    * Meter - Measure of bravery by asking crudely Meter estide or How much Meter do you have. often compared to Auto Rickshaw meters of Bangalore which jump at road humps and are notoriously dear even for a short distance

    * Hoge/Kenda - Dead/caught in grave danger

    * Katthi - Super

    * Kolte/Kwashtu - Waste person

    * Kwaatle/Kirik - Person who always induce problems

    * Chakka - Impotent

    * Chowra/Bolisu - nicely shave a person of his money.

    * Yaada - Fool/Brainless

    * Penga - Monkey (Fool)

    * Figurru - Pretty girl

    * Mannu Hodkondu malko - Dead/Buried inside the sand

    * Maga - literally means son/one who is young,If you go to some remote village in south karnataka (around mandya) Older people usually use the word "Maga ba elli" means "son come here",to be specific someone uses 'Maga' to address someone who is younger than him/her, but now a days the meanging has changed especially in bangalore, we use it actually to speak to some one who we know well like a freind, it closely maps to the English word Dude.

    * Japan -- a very short person

    * Child -- someone who is innocent or unwilling to participate in nefarious activities (as in, 'child nan maga')

    * jai -- the destruction/disappearance of something/someone

    * mama -- policeman (traffic or otherwise)

    * tight -- inebriated

    * tol -- see 'tight'

    * yeNNe -- alcohol




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